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Grand Theft Auto V

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GTA Orange

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American Dream

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American Dream?

Some explaination will help

American Dream is an online gaming community that previously held Counter-Strike 1.6 Public and Call of Duty 4 servers and currently hosting SA:MP and GTA Orange servers.

American Dream Roleplay is brought to you by fellow roleplayers who previously had Roleplay experience on platforms such as Garry's Mod, Fallout 3 New Vegas, Half Life 2, MTA:SA and SA:MP just to name a few. Our main goal is to bring the heavy roleplay experince to the amazing world of Grand Theft auto 5.

Quality matters more than Quantity here, that's why we spent two years developing our SA:MP Roleplay server. More than 500,000 lines of mapping and 1,000,000 lines of script has been written so far to bring the best experience and something that differs from other Roleplay servers.

A brief look at American Dream:

  1. Everything that happens on American Dream is chosen by our members.
  2. Opportunities are limitless here, shape your destiny by your own hand.
  3. Various jobs including legal and illegal, factions, gangs and groups.
  4. Win prizes as you play, this includes VIP Rank, Custom business, Toys and more!
  5. Anything felt needed? We create it for our players!

American Dream Game Servers

Here is a list of our current gaming services